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The name VinodolSun derives from the region and the so-called valley, where our estate is located. It stands for the melliflous valley above the sea, for the local wine and the healthy, maritime climate.

And the people behind it? We are Alfred, Benedikt, Kathrin, Marcel und Roland . Some know each other from childhood days, others are work buddies in Hamburg. Kathrin and Roland have been married for many years. Our lives center around Vienna and Hannover. Challenging jobs determin our lives; thus we, indepentently, have been looking for a  place that exudes special energy and calmness. Moreover a place where we can roam untouched nature, hike, swim and enjoy a good glass of wine with friends ... and eventually stay for good.
... as it happens we came across Vinodol and met Peter, the founder of this beautiful powerhouse. Together with his Croatian wife he had laid the cornerstones for VinodolSun. We seek to preserve its uniqueness and  gently expand the estate.

If you like our concept we recommend another of our powerhouses to you which is dear to us: come and visit "Blue Gruendl" in southern Bavaria, Germany. It is a unique wooden house close to Neuschwanstein, the romantic castle in the Alps. Take a look at

vinodolSun - How to reach us and contact us:

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